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Feel Better and In Control by Using a Coach

Business coaching focuses on business objectives and helps clients perform to their maximum ability. A business coach motivates, supports and assists the client by focusing on and encouraging effective action. For coaching to be effective, the business owner must commit time and work alongside the coach to deliver practical and permanent improvements.

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Holistic Method Encompassing all Areas

The Peak Performance Process is a framework designed to achieve maximum results for your business.

It would be ineffective to excel in some areas but not in others. It would be best to have the correct balance between Marketing, financial and operational processes. The best way to achieve this is for your business planning to drive all aspects of your business.

Fixing Problems Permanently

There is nothing worse than missing the root cause of any recurring issue. Unfortunately, it is far too familiar. The main reason is that some problems are deeply entrenched and require a business analysis approach to discover the root causes before rooting them out.

Coaching Sessions Structure

The programme handles fifteen individual topics. The coaching covers all the operational areas to deliver the best performance for your business. You and the coach will work together to identify the interdependencies of the various business areas. So, when improving an operational process, for example, the system and people involved are also addressed to maximise the benefit of such a change.


Good morning,

As a business coach, I aim to share my experience and advise clients on taking the right actions.

I have a 42-year background experience in technical and business management. My career knowledge spans the areas of, Telecommunications, ultrasound equipment Manufacturing, and ICT solutions consultancy. As a qualified business analyst, I have a particular skill in clear thinking during unclear circumstances.

I learned quickly in my work journey that the key to a successful business is making the right decisions at the right time. Correct decision-making may sound like an obvious statement, but there is a lot underneath this simple truth in practice.

My job as your business coach is to assist you in making the right decisions at the right time and to support and encourage you during a time of change. Ultimately, I am there with you to help you achieve your business objectives.


Plan Options

There are three plan options available depending on your needs.

New Business Starter

The 'New Business Starter' plan is for business owners who have been trading for less than a year or are planning to set up a new business venture.

The online coaching sessions will cover the following areas:-

  • Business development plan
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) definition and application
  • Trading as an LTD company or sole proprietor
  • Financial book-keeping
  • New customer lead generation
  • Contact management and lead to sales conversion

Existing Business Package

The 'Existing Business Package' plan is for business owners who have been trading for over a year and want to grow their business confidently.

This package deals with all aspects of the business:-

  • Review and update the business development plan
  • Review/improve business KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Check the effectiveness of the USP
  • Financial control and reporting
  • New customer lead generation - improvements -
  • Customer retention
  • Contact management and lead to sales conversion
  • Review Customer Relationship Management process and systems
  • Review operational management efficiency

Custom Package

With the 'Custom Package', there is the opportunity to tailor the coaching areas to fit the business owner's specific requirements.

You can completely customise the programme with the custom package to suit your needs. The first session will focus on teasing out the areas of interest you need to improve the business.


How to Get Started

An initial assessment, free of charge, is carried out first. Following the evaluation, the coaching programme begins with online one-hour sessions once a fortnight. The time between sessions allows you to practice and implement changes as discovered through the sessions.

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